Great Ways to Make Money While Helping Your Friends

There are lots of different ways to make a decent amount of money while still helping out your friends. You can make hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year on the side while still giving back to others. The more information you get on these methods of making extra money, the easier it will be to increase the size of your wallet. Some of these methods are more lucrative than others, but it’s important to know what your options are.

Refer Someone to Your Bank

If you have an account with First Direct or Nationwide, you could get a fairly hefty fee for referring someone you know. The person must set up an account for you to get paid, but it is well worth it if they do. Some people have made a part time job out of getting others to sign up for these accounts because it can pay so well.

Not all banks pay their members referral fees, but a few of them do. You can make up to £500 each year by getting people to sign up with Nationwide for an account. The money will automatically be transferred into your checking account if you get someone to sign up.

Credit Card Referrals

You can earn as much as £30 each time you get someone to open an American Express credit card. A lot of the major credit card companies and even short term loan companies offer these fees to people who get others to sign up, but not all of them pay the same thing. The friends that you refer will be able to earn points and get rewards as well, so everyone benefits. As long as you have the credit card that you get someone else to open, you will be eligible for receiving the fee.

Investment Rewards

A significant number of stocks and shares ISA providers will give you cash rewards for referring friends and family. Some of these providers pay as much as £100 per referral, though it is usually closer to £40 or £50. Take the time to look into some of these providers so you can find out which ones you can get the most from.

Phone Service Providers

Some phone companies offer a fee to customers whose friends or family use a referral code they give them. BT Mobile and Three are two providers that give out £25 in Amazon gift cards to those who do this. Depending on what your bill is usually like, you could get as much as £100 from Virgin Mobile.

Holiday Trips

If someone books a rental through your Airbnb link, they will get a discount of £25 while you get a £55 referral fee. You will only receive the discount after your friend’s trip is over, but it’s definitely worth considering. If someone books a rental through a link that you set up to, you will get a cash reward of £20. One of the best things about this particular deal is that there is no limit to it. This means that as long as people keep booking rentals through your link, you will continue to earn. It is a great form of passive income that requires virtually no work on your part.


Some of the bigger online supermarket companies that are based in the UK give discounts and credits to those who refer people they know. If one of your friends signs up with one of these businesses, you could get a decent-sized gift card or cash reward. Ocado is one of the online supermarkets that does this, and they give out a £25 gift card for every referral. As of right now there is no limit to this, so you could potentially make quite a bit of money. While most of these referral fees are pretty small, there are some decent ones.


The extremely popular taxi service Uber offers £5 to anyone who gets someone to sign up with them. While this might not seem like a lot at first, it can quickly add up. All the person has to do is plug in the invite code you have given them. If you know someone who has never used this service before, now is the time to tell them about it. Don’t forget to give the person the code or else you won’t get paid.

There are lots of opportunities for making extra money, and some of them require little to no effort on your part. Sometimes all it takes to make a quick £20 is to tell someone you know about a certain business you think they might like. In these situations both you and the other person benefit in a big way. Take the time to look for businesses that do not limit their referral fees, as your money making potential will be endless.

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