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Technology has taken the world by storm. Many people are spending time on their mobile gadgets and PCs than anywhere else. The internet has become the place where a great majority of today’s population does almost everything: entertainment, information, and even shopping! Yes, many people are doing window and actual shopping online for pretty much everything including services. But how safe are the online transactions?

The Payment Gateway


Who regulates telephone call charge rates?

How the Telephone Contributed to Communication

A lot of people credit the internet for making the world a more connected place but it’s worth remembering that telephones laid the first brick in this regard. Telephones made it possible for people to connect with people far away and made the possibility of instant contact for people who lived continents apart a reality. While telephones started the revolution, it was the emergence of mobile phones which actually took the revolution to its logical conclusion. You can now get in touch with anyone from anywhere through mobile phones and it’s this ability of staying in contact with anyone from anywhere that opens up all kinds of possibilities for everyone. You can go on a hiking trip and still run your business. You can go for a business meeting and still stay in touch with your family. It’s all possible because of telephones!

The Only Problem with Telephones

While there is no doubting how big a blessing telephones are, there is a problem with telephones that irk all users. The actual problem with telephones is the call rates that is applied on different calling numbers. There is a code associated with each telephone number and the code basically decides the amount you will be charged for calling on it. This is very confusing for individuals as this means that there is no set rate for making a phone call. Most people just know the call rate for one code which is normally the one that they dial the most. As a result, even when they dial a number that has a different code, they normally assume that it would be charged at a similar rate. This normally leads to a miscalculation as the rates can be low for one code and extremely high for another code. The telephone bills are normally an annoying sight for this very reason as people normally don’t take into account the amount they would be charged for calls to numbers with different codes.   Read More...

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