Ofcom Contact Telephone Number 08448500135

Ofcom Telephone Number:

0844 850 0135


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Ofcom Policy feedback is always a popular reason to call.

Voice your opinion! Ofcom is a government body, and while not everyone agrees all the time, we strive to find the right policy to protect the public when things go wrong.

If you wish to contact a person specifically and you have the extension of the person you wish to call, you can give that to the operator when you call and she or he will put your call through to the appropriate person providing they are available at the time to take your call, if they are unavailable you may be put though to that persons voicemail box where you can leave a message and while not all messages will be replied to we do make sure that they are listened to and all messages are logged in order that we can better understand why callers contact us and any opinions they may wish to share are not ignored. Call rates may apply for calls from within the UK or from outside Great Britain, please see the taffies and let us know if you would prefer we can take your message by email or by using our contact form.

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Happy Clients


Happy Clients