How safe are your online transactions?

The world of ecommerce on internet has been growing rapidly. According to facts, 1 out of 7 sales in the world are made online. With so many methods of payments stepping in, it has become real easy for customers to sit back, relax and order online from their home. But, is it safe to order online as you feed in your crucial credit/debit card information?

It is not! It is the duty of businesses and shopping portal owners to ensure a safe and reliable environment for accepting payments online from their customers. OFCOM Watchdog can help you secure your website’s check out procedure and build trust among your customers.

What is OFCOM Watchdog?

OFCOM Watchdog is a product of Ofcom, UK based independent regulator and competition authority for communications industries, which ensures secure processing of payments. Secure payments is all about using secured protocols while making payments and OFCOM watchdog ensures that the user is on a secure protocol while he or she provides vital information for processing payments.

This secures the network and avoids any theft of user’s personal information as well as information regarding the payment method.

How it works?

As soon as the user hit CHECKOUT. OFCOM Watchguard ensures that the user is directed to a secured protocol (HTTPS). Apart from this it also encourages website owners to buy SSL certificates and various other protection services. HTTPS protocols are highly secured protocols which are a must and recommended to be used for processing important information like your credit card no. of the login details of your internet banking account.

Once the payment process has been successfully completed, Watchdog further redirects the user back to the normal HTTP protocol of the website. A service like this is a must to be used by payment processing gateways in UK to ensure and abide by the regulations for online transactions processing systems.

How does it benefits me?

OFCOM Watchdog has been trusted by thousands of people across UK and here is how it benefits you!

Benefits for merchants:

Secure your checkout environment and ensure that no information is stolen and gets in the hands of third parties.   Earn customer’s trust and loyalty by offering them a safe and secured marketplace.
Follow norms of international regulations for payment processing which states a service like this to be used mandatorily for security purposes. Save your website from hackers and other kinds of malware.

Benefits for customers:

Safety of Information

With Watchdog by your side, your information is completely safe and in the right hands. 

Sign of Reliability

Any website using services of OFCOM Watchdog and a secured protocol for processing payments gives relief to the customers.


To know more about OFCOM watchdog, you can visit the official Ofcom website. You can also opt for it for your online store. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to get started! The process of installation of it on your server is easy and it will be handled by us.


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Here is what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I’m very concerned when it comes to making payments online. I usually don’t go for website which does not have a well built identity and reputation but even if I have to make payments at such website, I ensure that they use secured protocols with an HTTPS to safeguard me.
Victor M. Dunbar
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Happy Clients

Our small business faced issues like hacking and theft of customer’s information. It was then that we realized the importance of OFCOM Watchdog and straight away opted for their service. Ever since then circumstances like that have never arise.
Shane M. Williams
4 U Agency